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May 29th, 2021

Counting sheep - go to bed is an arcade game where you'll find tons of sheep ready to help you fall asleep. In a relatively simple way, the app aims to help you to relax using songs and calm rhythms as you count all these animals and drift off into a deep slumber.

In Counting sheep - go to bed you'll also find two minigames that will test your skills. In one of them you'll have to tap on all the sheep that come close to an apple. With this you'll prevent the animals from getting the fruit while you rack up points on the scoreboard. In the second one, all you have to do is tap on the characters so that they can jump over a wooden obstacle.

Another great feature in Counting sheep - go to bed is that you can select the number of sheep you want to count. This way you can increase or decrease the number of animals that you have to look out for as you start drifting off to sleep. In addition, from the main menu you can also select the song you want to play during the counting process.

Counting sheep - go to bed has 3D graphics that make it easy to see all the sheep on the screen. With a long list of songs, you'll have everything you need to select the one you like best and try to fall asleep as soon as possible. You'll even have a scoreboard where you can see your score compared to that of other players.
Reviewed by Carlos Martínez

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Package Name com.kurotsmile.demcuu3d
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Arcade
Language English
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Author thanh tran 4181188
Downloads 236
Date May 29th, 2021
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Content Rating All ages

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